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Welcome to My Imprint - creating lasting prints. 

"Life is about moments: don’t wait for them, create them" unknown  

Here at My Imprint I capture the special moments of life and help you to create lasting memories. All our products are handmade, individual pieces and unique to you.  

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  • One for Daddy

    Great idea for Fathers day!

  • Mess free handprints

    Captures all the fingerprint details

  • Magic print certificate kit

    Captures all the fine lines and details

  • Your family tree in handprints!
    You choose handprint colour

  • Magic wipe footprint kit
    No mess and captures details and fine lines

  • Capture those creases and wrinkles!

    Also available in a DIY Kit with easy to follow instructions

  • Framed 3D casting with space for photo

    A beautiful piece to treasure forever

  • 3D Casting

    Create a keepsake for you to treasure FOREVER

  • 3D casting, framed with space for photo

    Also available as a DIY kit - simple to do and full instructions provided

  • Magic wipe kit
    Add a frame and proudly hang on a wall at home or in the office

  • 3D casting with space for photo

    An item to treasure forever

  • Perfect for Fathers Day!
    Add a frame and proudly hang at home or work

  • 3D Casting with choice of finish

    Capture the moment

  • Brothers

    Amazing how they grow!

  • Framed 3D casts

    Easy to follow instructions included

  • Side by side!

    Framed 3D casts

  • 3D castings in range of finishes

    Name & age plaques also available

  • 3D casts with space for photo

    My Imprint - Creating lasting prints!

  • 'Family'

    3D castings available in choice of colours

  • 3D casting kits

    Capture the creases and wrinkles before they grow out!

  • 3D casting kits

    Available in choice of high quality frame finish

  • 3D casting

    What finish colour will you choose?

  • 3D casts

    Easily create a cast of your babies hands or feet - full instructions provided

  • Ink-less wipes, mess free

    Why not add a frame?!

  • Magic wipes

    Personalised picture with your baby's hand and footprints

  • Create a unique picture

    Using your baby's hand and footprints

  • Inkiness wipe kits

    Why not add a frame and proudly display

  • Pop art style

    Baby/Child hand and footprints

  • Personalised and customisable

    Created using magic ink-less wipes

    Fully assembled, high quality and made in UK

  • Baby hand and footprints!

    Personalised with your baby's hand and footprints

  • Ink-less wipe kits

    Choose a frame and proudly display

  • Add a pop of colour to your walls

    Capture baby hand and footprints

  • Striking design

    Using YOUR baby's hand and footprints

  • Available in wide range of finishes

    Ink-less wipes to capture your baby/child's hand and footprints

  • Imprint DIY Kit

    Easy to create, captures all the creases and details

  • DIY 3D Casting Kits

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